Corporate Speaking Events

What started off as a bit of fun has now turned into a big part of my career.

I speak as a keynote speaker to corporations around the world in a bid to amuse, inspire and educate their staff.

Some of my most popular speeches have centered around themes such as:

– Red tape and beaurocracy (and the detrement they’re having on your workplace)

– The psychology of performance (what’s needed to rise to the top)

– How to thrive during times of change (capitalizing on market opportunities)

– Empowering your workforce to be a team of rebels

– Inspired leadership in difficult times

I have anecdotes and stories from over two decades working in the City of London, and my speeches will equally shock, entertain and teach in a style that will leave you genuinely entertained and wanting more.

If you’d like to personally discuss how I can help your company, or you have a particular topic in mind for me to speak about, please contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.


My Happy Clients