My Incredible Book *buy it!*

Not really much I can say about this one until it’s done.

Nearly there.

I promise.

No… I mean it.

I’m so close I can smell the end.

I’ll be detailing the behind the scenes stories from my time in the city, joining as a runner at the age of 16 and working my way up to CEO at one of the fastest growing British companies in the past two decades.

Scandal, intrigue, backstabbing…you name it, we’ve got it all.

Oh, and some great life and business lessons, too!

Once I’m finished writing, then all I need to do is go and find another publisher (my first one pulled out after my former employer issued a ton of legal threats). True story.

Or I just go down the self publishing route. Might be easier.

Anyone know a good publisher? Contact me.

Until then, I’ll stick this graphic on the page to make it all look a bit more formal – stay tuned!