Before He Was President, He Was A Business Man!

Good or bad, ‘The Donald’ is set to rule the free world for the next four years.

It remains to be seen what the outcome is – the whole world holds its collective breath – but one thing I know for sure is this…

When it comes to business, few have achieved the heights Donald Trump has.

From nearly bankrupt to reaching billionaire status, there’s a lot to be said for his resilience, tenacity and ability to strike a deal!

If he’s able to achieve even half as much as President as he did whilst building his vast business empire, he’ll be one of the best things to have ever happened to America.

In the video below Donald talks to the legend that is Oprah Winfrey about how to strike a deal.

“You either have it or you don’t”, he says, almost poetically.

We all hope you do, Donald…

We all hope you do.

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